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Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, November 14th at the Kerby Centre downtown. Cathy Ormon talks Sugar and its impact on pH balance and cancer.

The Digital Examiner

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The Digital Examiner is the monthly publication of PROSTAID Calgary. It keeps you updated on all the latest news and information about prostate cancer.

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Additionally, the Prostate Cancer Centre newsletter can be found each month on their website here.

[-] 2017

Digital Examiner 218 November 2017
Issue: 218
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.86 MB
Includes: New Welcome Group, Cathy Ormon on Sugar's Affect on Prostate Cancer, Marijuana Legalization and Cancer, Rocco Rossi moving on from Prostate Cancer Canada, Prostate Cancer and Health Literacy Questionnaire, Dr. Dean Ruether the recipient of the 2017 Pathfinder Award, and more!

Digital Examiner 217 October 2017
Issue: 217
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.62 MB
Includes: Wine Festival, Pathfinder's Award, Ontario patients fight for province to fund robotic prostate cancer surgery, Dr. Shelley Spaner’s “Women for Men’s Health”, Prostate cancer breakthrough: New treatment could destroy INCURABLE tumours, Enjoying Life to the Fullest as a Man Living with Prostate Cancer—patient perspective, and more!

Digital Examiner 216 September 2017
Issue: 216
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.90 MB
Includes: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Reanne Booker talks about sex, Down Under Wine Festival, New Imaging technique spots prostate tumours starved of oxygen, Care concerns of prostate cancer specialist nurses “being overlooked”, Androgen deprivation therapy increases risk of heart failure in men with prostate cancer, Upcoming PROSTAID Awareness Events, and more!

Digital Examiner 215 August 2017
Issue: 215
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.11 MB
Includes: 10 Reasons to Join a Non Profit, Ron La Fournie, Prostate Cancer Pain: A Guide for You and Your Family, Speaking the Unspoken, Cancer Patient’s Grey Hair Unexpectedly Darkens in Drug Study, Knowledge Library Resource Table Volunteer Opportunity, and more!

Digital Examiner 214 July 2017
Issue: 214
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.11 MB
Includes: Happy 150 Canada, Dr. Linda Carlson bio, Bipolar Androgen Therapy, Staging and Grading Prostate Cancer, U of A uses nanotechnology to develop new test for aggressive prostate cancer, Thank you Canadian Tire Marlborough!, Upcoming Prostaid Events, Exercise Study for Men with Prostate Cancer, and more!

Digital Examiner 213 June 2017
Issue: 213
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.63 MB
Includes: 5 Big Questions and Answers on Inherited Prostate Cancer Testing, Adding Hormonal Therapy to Radiation lengthens survival in men with recurring prostate cancer, Breakthrough study stops fat-eating prostate cancer cells, Exercise Study for Men with Prostate Cancer, and more!

Digital Examiner 212 May 2017
Issue: 212
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.61 MB
Includes: AGM Invite, Volunteer Call Out, Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), ADT: Possible Side Effects and Risks, Gynecomastia Induced by Prostate Cancer Treatment, Gynecomastia: Non Surgical Options, Gynecomastia: Suggestions from Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre, and more!

Digital Examiner 211 April 2017
Issue: 211
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.16 MB
Includes: The Importance of Rituals, Dr. Nawaid Usmani, Treating with precision radiotherapy cuts course of treatment by 50%, Prostate cancer patients report that surgery offers worst outcome on quality of life, 10 Prostate Cancer Truths That Might Surprise You, Tailgate for Charity cheque presentation, August 19 & 20 Cash Casino Volunteer Call Out, Welcoming New Board Member Jennifer Thorne, and more!

Digital Examiner 210 March 2017
Issue: 210
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.49 MB
Includes: When Treatment Stops Working: Blame Resistance, Emotional Distress after a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Prostate Cancer Centre’s Man Van Program, Men’s Sexuality Survey, Volunteer needed for PROSTAID Calgary’s Knowledge Library Resource Table, New Board Members and more!

Digital Examiner 209 February 2017
Issue: 209
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 2.24 MB
Includes: Awareness events, Prostate Cancer Team Cracks Genetic Code to show why inherited disease can turn deadly, Radium-223 Reduces Hospital Usage for Skeletal Events, PROSTAID Calgary partners with ExDee and Wellness Computational Introducing Ease™ - Personal Health Navigator™, World of Wheels Volunteer Callout, University of Calgary Randomized Trial Patients Needed and more!

Digital Examiner 208 January 2017
Issue: 208
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.71 MB
Includes: Prostate Cancer Canada's 2017 Step Up Challenge, Top Prostate Cancer News of 2016, HIFU For Prostate Cancer: Think Twice, Wellspring Calgary is Growing, and more!

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