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The Digital Examiner

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The Digital Examiner is the monthly publication of PROSTAID Calgary. It keeps you updated on all the latest news and information about prostate cancer.

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[-] 2021

Digital Examiner 260 June 2021
Issue: 260
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 0.89 MB
Includes: Guest Speaker Dr. Richard Baverstock, AGM Save the Date, Antonio's Story, Relationship between caring burden and quality of life in caregivers of cancer patients in Iran, Erectile Dysfunction symptoms and quality of life in men above 50, Experiences of Support for Sexual Dysfunction in Men with PC, Family History and early PC detection, and more videos, links and articles of interest.

Digital Examiner 259 May 2021
Issue: 259
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 0.86 MB
Includes: Guest Speaker Dr. Carrie Scarff, David's Story, Loss of LDAH associated with prostate cancer and hearing loss, Newly Diagnosed and General Articles of Interest, Educational Video Links, and more!

Digital Examiner 258 April 2021
Issue: 258
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 0.97 MB
Includes: Dr. Geoff Gotto, Brad's Story, Erectile Difficulties Survey, Increase in U.S. Metastatic Prostate Cancer Diagno-ses Seen After Reduction in PSA Screening, Short MRI Protocol Could Be Alternative for Pros-tate Cancer Follow-Up, Men’s Health, Incontinence, ED and Testosterone Management, Other Articles of Interest and Video Links, and more!

Digital Examiner 257 March 2021
Issue: 257
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 0.89 MB
Includes: Virtual Community Resource Fair, Dissemination of Misinformative and Biased Infor-mation about Prostate Cancer on YouTube, Coffee consumption and risk of prostate cancer, Prostate cancer and relationships: The partner's story, Most Diverse Analysis Ever Conducted for Prostate Cancer Shows Genetic Role in Health Disparities, Other Articles of Interest and Video Links, and more!

Digital Examiner 256 February 2021
Issue: 256
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 0.91 MB
Includes: Dr. Tarek Bismar, "There IS Sex after Prostate Cancer", Active surveillance for prostate cancer: a systematic review of contemporary worldwide practices, Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Master Games - Early Stage Prostate Cancer, Surgical Delay and Pathological Outcomes for Clini-cally Localized High-Risk Prostate Cancer, Articles of Interest, Video links, and more!

Digital Examiner 255 January 2021
Issue: 255
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 0.98 MB
Includes:Happy New Year 2021!, Guest Speaker Dr. Dana Male, Articles of Interest including Understanding the Psychological Impact of COVID-19, Notable Outcomes with Cryoablation, Two Steps Forward and One Step Back for Precision in Prostate Cancer Treatment, Creating a New Staging System for Prostate Cancer, An Up to Date Evaluation of Darolutamide for the treatment of Prostte Cancer, Video links, and more!

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