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Advocacy Links

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Below are links to advocates for those affected by prostate cancer that PROSTAID Calgary recommends.

The Health Coalition of Alberta The Health Coalition of Alberta

Working together with you for the best people-centered health care for all Albertans
the HEALTH COALITION OF ALBERTA (formerly Creating Synergy Health Coalition of Alberta) is a coalition of voluntary health sector and consumer groups, who are advocating with a united voice for better access to optimal health care for all Albertans.
We provide significant leadership to our members through apprising them of issues, educating them on policy that will impact patients, and providing coaching and training on how to influence change within the health care system.
As a volunteer driven, virtual organization, the Health Coalition of Alberta has become recognized as an entity with a credible voice for patients, families and citizens of Alberta — speaking up about our health care system and policies.

Alberta Health Advocates Alberta Health Advocates

The Health Advocate promotes self-advocacy and supports Albertans in dealing with their concerns about health services by:
•Listening to the concerns of Albertans and supporting them in finding ways to resolve them.
•Providing education about the Alberta Health Charter.
•Referring Albertans to the appropriate complaints resolution process.
•Reviewing or investigating complaints under the Alberta Health Act.
•Providing information about health care services and programs.
•Reporting to the Minister of Health on the Health Advocate's activities and health related issues that concern Albertans.

Alberta Ombudsman Alberta Ombudsman

What does the Ombudsman do?

The Alberta Ombudsman responds to complaints of unfair treatment by provincial government authorities and designated professional organizations. Independent from government; Provides services free of charge; Promotes standards of fairness; Is approachable and responsive; recommends solutions that are fair for both the complainant and government; Is respected, influential and effective

Open Arms Advocacy Prostate Cancer Centre

Through advocacy, we empower patients and their families to have a voice in their healthcare and seek the help they need.

Our healthcare and hospital services can be complex and confusing and Open Arms is dedicated to helping you get the answers you need. Our volunteers can provide support and assistance to you and your family if you want to make a patient complaint but don’t know where to start, you need an independent person to support you when speaking to medical professionals, or you need help in getting answers or in obtaining documentation.

We can provide free, confidential and compassionate advice to you and your family if you need help making a complaint or navigating through the health system to get the care you need or help with communication and difficulties with finding information and answers.

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