PROSTAID CalgaryCalgary's Prostate Cancer Support Group
Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, May 29th at the Kerby Centre downtown. Our AGM Meeting followed by Celebrate Our Volunteers event.

Who is PROSTAID Calgary?

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Formed in 1993, PROSTAID Calgary/Prostate Cancer Network Calgary has 3 missions:

David Lunn• To provide peer-to-peer mutual support for men and their families on their journey with prostate cancer,

• To increase public awareness and understanding of the disease,

• To advocate for a strong provincial voice in matters relating to prostate cancer.

Developing and maintaining services for survivors and their families is an ongoing challenge which we meet in a variety of ways:

• Our monthly meetings feature prominent health specialists and are well attended, and

• Our monthly journal, The Digital Examiner, is currently sent to over 1300 subscribers. If you would like us to add you to our mailing list for this free service, just sign up here.

PROSTAID Calgary relies entirely on private contributions to sustain and expand its initiatives. Our ongoing initiatives include our monthly meetings, website, and journal, The Digital Examiner.

I hope you find our website useful and thank you for visiting; please come back often as it is regularly changed and updated.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our monthly meetings held the second Tuesday of each month at the Kerby Centre.

David Lunn, President

Our Mission Statement

Our objective is to assist and support patients, families and friends by informing, empathizing and reassuring men on their journey with prostate cancer. By sharing our experiences with our own cancer we lift our spirits and strengthen our resolve to fight for quality of life and a cure.

The Fine Print

We do not give medical advice, recommend treatment modalities, medications or physicians, nor should anyone attending our meetings, unless he or she is a health care professional.

We do not endorse any product, treatment or therapy. Some controversial opinions may be presented here. A qualified healthcare professional should be consulted before making medical decisions.

It is our firm belief that you are entitled to know all you can about this disease and be thus informed, and make your own educated decisions regarding treatment and care.

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PROSTAID Calgary is your first destination for prostate cancer support in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and across the world with information and support through our online videos, support meetings, prostate cancer news, and awareness initiatives.

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